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  • Truck Scale Management

If you are a general contractor, a hauler, or an 100 doing asphalt, ready-mix, aggregates, or any other type of DOT work, then you probably already know that at the end of 2022, a rule was passed by 43 / 50 states to either require or prefer that E-Tickets, rather than paper tickets, be used to confirm the pickup and delivery of materials on all road, bridge, tunneling, salting, and snow removal jobs. The stakes are high in this multi-billion dollar market. It's time to make a change that will allow you to remain competitive and help you adapt to these evolving requirements. The question is, how will you ensure compliance and secure your place in this industry's future? It's time to take action and embrace the E-Ticket revolution!

TruckPay's E-Ticketing solution is designed to seamlessly meet all of the electronic ticketing requirements set by the federal and individual state DOT regulations, for any type of bulk material being transported. We are proud to say that our solution is fully integrated with all state DOT application programming interfaces, and APls, for transmitting the E-Ticket to the state DOT. Our system also offers comprehensive support for both company and third-party inspectors. This means that you can have your own company inspectors check the slump, the amount of water added, and the weight of each component of the mix, or check the temperature of the asphalt, for example, when it leaves the plant. You can also have a third-party inspector, such as your customers or a DOT inspector check the material, at either the plant or at the delivery site. By choosing TruckPax, you will effortlessly comply with your customers' commercial requirements, as well as remain in full compliance with all government DOT E-Ticketing regulations. Our solution allows you to navigate this complex landscape with little stress and great efficiency.

Are you ready to get rid of the mountains of paperwork associated with your bills of lading? With TruckPay, you can generate E-Bills of Lading (E-BOLs) for all of your shipped products and materials, regardless of whether you're shipping a trailer load of refrigerators, bins on a roll-off, or delivering dump truck loads of aggregates to a customer.

TruckPay simplifies the process by tracking and verifying the pickup and delivery of the shipment while ensuring that every E-BOL has all required information. Your customers and haulers will both be able to see, in real-time, all the details regarding the movement of the products. Say goodbye to disputes over pickup and delivery times - TruckPay ensures accuracy and transparency every step of the way. It's time to streamline your operations and switch to a paperless future with ease.

Let's set the scene, you're a waste-hauler, moving hazardous or non-hazardous materials from a contaminated construction site and are still filling out those six page paper hazardous manifests. Worse than that, the EPA's requirement implemented at the end of 2022-2023 now requires you file them electronically and you don't have an efficient solution in place yet. What do you do?

Enter TruckPay - your hassle-free solution. We seamlessly track the movement of these materials, in real-time, from the generation site to the destination site and automatically create the EPA hazardous waste-hauling E-Manifest for you. To make things easier, by simply clicking a button on the manifest, you'll even be able to file it directly with the EPA. The E-Manifests are safely stored in the cloud for as long as you need them, eliminating the need to spend money on filing cabinets, storage boxes and wasting space storing those paper manifests for decades. Even better, moving to E-manifests means you'll never have to worry about these records being destroyed in a fire or a flood. Choose TruckPay and embrace a more efficient and secure way to manage your waste-hauling manifests.

Imagine it's late on a Friday afternoon and you have a big tunneling job starting first thing Monday morning. The task: moving 20,000 yards of soil per day, for the next year. The catch? The success of the project relies on you having the right drivers and trucks ready to go. If you don't the project will be delayed, causing you to run the risk of getting penalized by the general contractor or by the government authority that is overseeing the tunnel's construction.

While some of your preferred haulers can provide a few of the trucks, they simply don't have as many drivers and trucks as you need for Monday. What do you do? Turn to TruckPay's Job Board Service.

Post your job on TruckPay's Job Board Service for either a fixed price or as an open bid, and watch as you swiftly gather the drivers and trucks you need. Once the job is awarded to your selected drivers or subcontractors you can immediately dispatch all drivers now working on the job including: company drivers, preferred haulers, subcontractors and independent owner-operators (IOOs).

With TruckPay you gain the ability to generates E-Tickets and monitor all trucks in real-time. Even paying your subcontractors and 100s is as simple as the click of a button. Say goodbye to the hassle of duplicate data entry. TruckPay allows you to quickly export all of the E-Tickets and invoices to your favorite accounting or ERP system, eliminating the need for double the work. We take care of the nitty-gritty details so that you can focus on one thing - ensuring your project remains on schedule. Let TruckPay handle the heavy lifting while you stay on track, stress-free.

Let's see if we've got this right. In your operation, you work with your own company drivers, subcontractors/brokers, and independent owner-operators and independent truck owner-operators (IOOs/ITOs) and you want to be able to easily dispatch all of them, at the same time, to all of your jobs. You're searching for a way to streamline the dispatching process with little to no fuss. Did we get that abut right? Luckily, TruckPay provides the most flexible dispatching tools to make this as easy as possible. You can simply drag and drop drivers and trucks into time slots for each a job. Need precise scheduling? No problem. Our platform allows you to specify that trucks must arrive at the site, at specified intervals. For example, every five minutes, starting-at from 7:00 AM until 8:00 AM. Whether you need to reassign or switch drivers from trucks or shuffle them between jobs on the fly, our system allows for on the go, quick adjustments to match the evolving demands and shifting priorities of your day. When it comes to dispatching, TruckPay provides all of the told you need for seamless and adaptable operations.

Whether you're a multi-national aggregates/cement or recycling/scrap metal company or you're a trucking company involved in cross-border operations moving materials between Mexico or Canada to the US, handling payments in in different currencies can be a complex task. That is, before you started TruckPay.

TruckPay is a versatile platform designed for multi-currency and multi-metric needs. This means you can send and receive payments from your vendor partners in US Dollars, Pesos, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, or any other currency you require. We are even expanding to support cryptocurrency transactions.

Additionally, TruckPay allows you to state and track job requirements in either the Metric or the Imperial system, giving both you and your drivers the flexibility to use kilometers and kilograms or in miles and pounds interchangeably, depending on your preferences.

TruckPay centralizes your operations by allowing you to effortlessly dispatch and monitor all your jobs from one central location, or from any local or regional location, ensuring efficient coordination. You can create reports and view deliveries, globally or locally, while customizing your preferred time zone or in the time zone in which they were originally done.

TruckPay places the power of your data management in your hands, offering flexibility and convenience for your international operations.

Let's say you operate a quarry or scrap metal yard with several truck scales, where drivers typically spend an average of up to nine minutes getting out of their trucks, retrieving the scale ticket, returning to their trucks, obtaining the weighment and finally going ahead. That's on a good day. Inclement weather, however, can create slippery conditions posing risks for the drivers, as they navigate getting in and out of their trucks to access the ticket.

TruckPay, the only bulk materials logistics platform that has integrated contactless scale E-Tickets. With our NTEP certified, innovative solution, drivers can now remain safely in their truck while obtaining their weighment. This, revolutionizing approach enables trucks to move on and off the scale in seconds, rather than not minutes. The result? A significant boost in operational efficiency for your quarry and scrap yard allowing you to handle more business in a single day. With TruckPay, say goodbye to unnecessary delays and safety concerns, and embrace the future of streamlined logistics.

What is TruckPay


Government contracts mandate that 30-40% of funds must be awarded to MBE, WBE, DBE, DOBE owned businesses. Earn DOBE Utilization Credit by using TruckPay.

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For Construction Companies
& Subcontractors

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Elimination of Paper Tickets, BOLs, and Manifests.

Always make a profit and stay on top of all of your earth-moving costs. Completely eliminate the use of paper tickets to track material pick-ups and drop-offs with TruckPay’s patent-pending QR code scanning technology. Instead of having someone hand out paper tickets at a job site, your site supervisor can now simply scan each driver’s iOS or Android device with his iOS or Android device and confirm the pick-up or drop-off. Your independent drivers and subcontractors will also be very happy, because they won’t have to worry about losing tickets or not having the ticket properly signed and then not getting paid.

Job Board Service (JBS)

Quickly get the drivers you need, at the most competitive prices, with the TruckPay Job Board Service. Instead of spending lots of time trying to find the trucks you need for a job, the TruckPay JBS allows you to easily post the job, with either a fixed price or by soliciting bids from interested drivers. You can then pick and award the job to the most highly ranked independent owner-operators and subcontractors, with the most competitive prices.

Payments Made Easy

Validate invoices before paying them. Your accounts payable team can view the details of each load picked up and delivered and even see a time-stamped picture of the picked-up and dropped-off load prior to paying the invoice. Once it is determined that all deliveries are done as originally specified in the job request, you can click one button and pay all independent drivers and subcontractors for their work.
You can also deny payment for specific deliveries, that weren’t done as requested, and specify the reason for the payment denial.

Productivity Reports

TruckPay provides a set of detailed reports that allow construction company managers to, in real-time, view all completed and currently active deliveries, to and from all sites. These reports will show:
Date & time of delivery, who scanned in the driver, name of the driver, material carried, how long it took to make the delivery and cost of the delivery.
You can then rank your most productive drivers by the average time it took to complete all deliveries. TruckPay even allows you to distinguish between your internal company drivers and external owner-operators and subcontractors, to determine the most productive drivers on your entire team.

Audit Reports for Government Contract Work

The TruckPay Scan Reports can be customized to meet both Federal and State reporting requirements. This capability provides a competitive advantage when bidding on government work, as you can assure the government entity with whom you’re working, that you can account for and provide an audit trail for every invoiced delivery.

For Independent Owner Operators


No More Paper Tickets

Tired of losing those annoying paper tickets and not getting paid for your hard work? TruckPay’s paper ticket replacement, patented QR code scanning technology makes that a thing of the past. We know when you’ve delivered a load and even have you take a picture of the load at pick-up and at drop-off. We make sure that the construction company or subcontractor for whom you’re working knows the pick-up and drop-off times and sees the pictures of the loads. By doing this for you, there are virtually no disputes about whether you’ve done the job correctly or how much money you are owed.

Find & Bid On Jobs In Your Area

Feel like you’re not getting the best jobs? The TruckPay Job Board Service (JBS) allows you to see jobs in your defined work area and bid on jobs that you want. Once you are awarded the job, you will receive a unique TruckPay QR code. You can be sure that someone’s relative or friend can’t take the job away from you because they will not be able to work on a TruckPay site, unless they have received their own unique code.
TruckPay only authorizes the requested number of trucks to work on a site, so you don’t have to worry if there are too many trucks on a site, as long as you have your TruckPay QR code.

Fast, Electronic Payments

Want to know how much money you’re making in real-time as soon as you have dropped off a load? TruckPay continuously shows you how much money you’ve made for the day as soon as you’ve successfully dropped off the load. Tired of having to cash a check at the end of every week? The TruckPay system will automatically deposit your hard-earned money into your account or load it to your debit card as soon as the construction company or subcontractor has paid the invoice. Earlier payment options are also available.
You will be notified when an invoice is coming due and after it has been paid and will be able to view all of your previous invoices. To see how business has been going for the week or month or for the quarter.

Delivery Reports

Ever wonder who are the best companies to work for and how to maximize your valuable time? TruckPay will show you, in real-time, the loads you’ve picked-up and dropped-off, the material you carried, the sites where you’ve worked, and who checked you in and out of each site. You can even determine how long it took you, on average, to deliver each load and which sites were most profitable.

Integrated Scale Technology

TruckPay integrates with electronic scales so that drivers never have to leave their trucks to get their  scale tickets. Automated scale integration creates a safer work environment and improves the operational efficiency of the job. Dispatchers and senior managers can see, in real-time, how many tons the driver has actually picked-up.

Drivers are given explicit instructions as to whether they are to get weighed for the tare weight of the truck and then weighed for the gross weight, or to only get weighed once, if just a gross weight is required, depending on the job requirements.

If the scale isn’t electronic, the driver types in the weight registered by the scale and then takes a picture of the actual ticket. Dispatchers can still see the amount of material picked-up, in real-time, but will also have an actual image of the scale ticket, ensuring that the weight is legally recorded.


TruckPay is the first platform that eliminates paper tickets from the earth moving industry and provides total transparency and accountability to drivers, subcontractors and construction companies. With TruckPay, all parties are fully informed about payment details, fostering trust and confidence in the payment process.

The TruckPay app can be downloaded for free on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Users only pay for those services that they need and use. TruckPay's patented paper ticket replacement technology allows a construction company or subcontractors to quickly automate their job sites. Solicit bids in real-time for any size job, and get the best pricing from independent operators and subcontractors. Subcontractors and drivers can bid on the most lucrative jobs (you now have a friend in the dump truck business).

If you are an independent owner operator, we recommend signing up or logging in to TruckPay on the TruckPay app either on your iOS or Android device. If you are a construction company or subcontractor, we recommend either signing up or logging into the platform on your mobile device, or the TruckPay web platform on your desktop or laptop computer. Alternatively, if your company has just started using TruckPay, you must receive an email invite from your TruckPay company administrator to sign up for the platform.

If you are an independent owner operator, you will need an iOS device, running iOS 10.0 or greater, or an Android smartphone. If you are not working in the field and just want to view reports, invoices, and solicit and award bids, then you may use our web platform on any laptop or desktop computer.

If you have any questions, or are experiencing any kind of issues while using TruckPay, please, do not hesitate to either email us or call us at +1 (866) 901-7884. We are always here for you.

TruckPay's patented technology to replace paper tickets, online job board service to solicit bids from a variety of subcontractors and independent owner operators, truck tracking, automated payments, minority company participation reporting, and productivity metrics reports and permissioning system provides the highest level of transparency, security, and auditability possible in the earth moving and material supply logistics industries. The taxpayers will thank you, as you will be able to ensure that no work is paid for, that hasn’t been completed according to specifications. You will also be able to monitor the cost of projects, in real-time, to ensure that they are completed on budget and on time.

The TruckPay platform removes the worry about losing a paper ticket or not being paid for an improperly signed ticket again. You will know exactly how much money you have earned every day and will have the proof you need of the work you completed. You will get paid in a timely basis and the money will be put in the account of your choosing. You can see which are the best companies to work for.

TruckPay's QR code scanning technology eliminates the need for paper tickets - you will no longer need people to count tickets or worry that you have received fraudulent tickets. You no longer need to wonder where your drivers are and what is taking them so long to make a delivery; trying to find drivers quickly to do your jobs is now seamless by using the TruckPay job board service, and getting the best price for a job is now made easy by being able to use the Job Board Service to solicit and award bids in real-time. Paying your drivers and subcontractors can now be done with the tap of a button after your accounts payable team has validated that all deliveries were done according to specification.


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Real-time dispatching & tracking
In-house scale integration for seamless ticket entry
Multiple methods for e-Ticketing proof of pick-up and delivery
Eliminate manual ticket data entry
Reconcile invoices with tickets in the system
Automatically extract information from tickets captured in the field
Tools for trucking companies and general contractors
Ability to connect to truck scales
Role-based permission system to support enterprise security
Ability to use all system functions on web or mobile devices
Ability to connect to DOT portal and compliance
Marketing place for finding drivers and subcontractors to bid on jobs
Ability to pay subcontractors and IOOs
Multi-lingual support
Driver productivity reporting
Track and use subcontractors, IOOs, and company drivers on the same job
Provides bid calculator for job estimation
Ability to save insurance and other documents in a digital document vault
Ability to track multiple materials on a job
Real-time delivery map that shows driver haul details
Supports demolition, recycling, and scrap metal industries
Ability for mobile devices to work offline and sync tickest when back online

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Barry S. Honig, the firm’s CEO and his son, Benjamin Honig, the company’s CTO co-founded TruckPay in October 2015.

Founding of TruckPay™

Ensuring transparency and accuracy in payments is crucial for any business. Barry’s introduction to the earthmoving industry began when he purchased a dump truck for his nephew, Mitchel, in Texas. During this time, Barry was afforded the opportunity to hear firsthand stories the challenges associated with the industry’s use of paper tickets to document load pick-ups and drop-offs. While listening to the stories of industry professionals, Barry learned the arduous process of relying on paper tickets to document load pickups and deliveries. He heard personal accounts of drivers and subcontractors spending countless hours in fast-food restaurants painstakingly counting and validating hundreds of paper tickets. He also became aware of the potential for fraud, with some drivers fabricating tickets for loads that were never actually completed. Recognizing the inherent inefficiencies and risks associated with the current paper-based system, Barry, a seasoned technologist, was inspired to find a better way, TruckPay.

Market Research

Barry recognized that the problem with replacing paper tickets in the earth-moving industry was identical to a challenge he had tackled nearly twenty years ago on Wall Street, replacing paper stock trading tickets with an electronic trading platform. Barry asked Benjamin, who was a senior in college at the time, if there was something like E-ZPass on iPhones to replace paper tickets. To which Benjamin responded said, “No,” but suggested using QR Codes instead. This compelling idea to utilize QR codes is what lead to the foundation of TruckPay’s software development.

Solving a Problem

Realizing the need for an alternative to paper tickets, Barry set out to design an earth moving logistics platform. This multi-faceted platform not only replaces paper tickets with QR codes, it provides construction companies and subcontractors with an efficient way to streamline the process of connecting with drivers to work on their projects. Drivers on the other hand, benefit from a user-friendly marketplace where they can effortlessly locate and bid on the most lucrative job opportunities. Meanwhile, Companies can enjoy the convenience of quickly validating and paying their drivers and subcontractors for their diligent work. TruckPay provides the earth-moving and bulk logistics industry with an efficient and transparent solution to ineffective and wasteful existing methods.

Designing the System

When faced with the task of designing the system, Barry approached Benjamin with a proposition; to team up and combine Barry’s large-scale system design and analytic expertise with Benjamin’s exceptional user interface skills. The partnership was natural as Barry and Benjamin are father and son. Following Benjamin’s graduation from University, the two embarked on determined journey to build the world-class logistics platform that TruckPay now offers today.

Barry S Honig Image

Barry S. Honig

President & CEO

Barry S. Honig is responsible for designing and providing the business analysis for the platform, raising investor funds, investor relations, and for running day-to-day operations. Mr. Honig is a graduate of Columbia University School of Engineering, with a degree in Applied Mathematics and graduate work in Computer Science. He brings 34 years of work experience to the organization. As President of Honig International, a well-known management consulting and executive search firm, he focuses on the needs of the financial services and payment industries. Mr. Honig is uniquely positioned to understand the current technology trends in these industries and has a deep understanding of how to identify and quickly acquire talent for TruckPay. Mr. Honig has also worked as a Senior Technology Manager for firms like Morgan Stanley, as Principal and head of FX, Commodities, and Global Credit Risk Management Technology. Mr. Honig has also worked as a Risk Management Consultant for several global banks, and as a licensed CTA and CPO (Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator), managing over $34M of investor assets. Mr. Honig has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Finance at New York University. He is also a former owner of an earth moving logistics business and has an insider’s view of the needs of this industry.

Benjamin Honig Image

Ben Honig

Vice President & CTO

Benjamin, a graduate of the Syracuse University iSchool, class of 2015, is a two-time Apple World Wide Development Conference (WWDC) Student Scholarship winner. He has developed more than fifteen apps for the Apple App Store and has been writing software and managing global technical resources since the age of 15. A few of Benjamin’s more successful apps are Poké Quiz for Pokemon and iRon Dome. Poké Quiz for Pokemon allowed Pokemon enthusiasts to guess the name of the Pokemon characters as they were flashed on the screen. This app has had over 895,000 downloads. iRon Dome provides real-time iPhone alerts to Israelis when a missile is launched into Israel. The app indicates where the missile is likely to land so that people can seek shelter and safety. Benjamin developed this app with another individual, who did the server side engineering. This application won high praise in July 2014 when the Times of Israel published an article on them in its Sunday New Startup Companies section.

Board Members

Jack Pearson

Board Member

Jack Pearson has 35 years of experience in the ready-mix delivery and concrete manufacturing industry and is currently the General Manager of Lehigh Hanson Ready Mix Division, San Diego.

Mr. Pearson’s expertise and accomplishments have been widely recognized by senior management and have resulted in Jack being promoted from an entry level position to his current senior management role, in operations, fleet logistics, dispatch and ready-mix operations. Over the years, Mr. Pearson has been responsible for the oversite and project management of the construction and design of seven ready mix facilities, as well as several international material manufacturing plants. Mr. Pearson’s extensive experience in budgeting, logistics, and in operations dispatching provides customers, his staff, and senior management with valuable and practical insights into the service delivery industry.

Matthew Woods

Matthew Woods

Board Member

Matthew is a thirty-year veteran of managing construction transportation logistics for Lehigh-Hanson, San Diego, where he managed all trucking, capacity and routing for San Diego operations. During his career, with Lehigh-Hanson, Matthew’s focus was on the logistics space, providing users and management with advanced toolset training, analytics, telematics configuration and team structure alignment.

Matthew’s key accomplishments included the following:

  • Personally configured and installed one of the first ready-mix concrete dispatch optimization systems in North America.
  • Worked directly with the engineering teams and instructed them regarding the inputs and required outputs of the optimization engine.
  • Served in a product manager/business analyst role, with respect to the design and build out of the dispatcher user interface for optimized environments.
  • Assisted engineering with designing the user interface for an analytics portal, used by all product line management teams, throughout North America.
  • Personally built many of the queries and reports, still used today to run the business. Spent a considerable amount of time with the engineers designing and building the Lehigh Hanson customer facing ready-mix concrete App.
  • Participated for several years with a small team that traveled around North America, conducting business reviews and providing “go forward” process improvements, to the different product lines and business units.